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Hunting For: Table Lamps

September 19, 2010

Today I plan on making my rounds at HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx, Marshall's and maybe Ross to find a set of table lamps for my living room since the ones I had in there have been relocated to the bedroom. However, if I end up coming home with nothing, I do have several favorites I could order online.

Let's start with exhibit A, the Rose Line Lamp from CB2:

[ Image courtesy of CB2 ]
I like the overall shape of the lamp, the little red cord peeking through and how the base takes up no visual weight but at $99 each, they're at the top of my price range. Plus, I have three clumsy dogs and if one of them were to accidentally knock into an end table causing one of the lamps to topple over and break, I may just have a mini-heart attack! 

Moving onto exhibit B, the Ada Lamp also from CB2:

[ Image courtesy of CB2 ]
The Ada lamp has received great reviews from everyone who's purchased it and at $70 each, buying two of them wouldn't break the bank too badly but it's still a little more than I'd like to spend. However, I like the white on white color scheme and the shape of the base since it mimics the shape of the base of my dining room table. Hmmm...

Exhibit C is the Slice Lamp from Overstock.com:

[ Image courtesy of Overstock.com ]
I like the unusual shape of both the lamp's base and shade and at $60 each + my 10% off coupon code, the price doesn't end up being too bad for two lamps. However, I was thinking of replacing the rug I currently have in my living room (a white shag one) with a bold red one to add a little more color and a red rug + red lamps may = red overkill so I think I'll bookmark this one and come back to it.

Exhibit D is the Cycle Lamp from Crate and Barrel:

[ Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel ]
I've had a $50 gift card to Crate and Barrel that's been practically burning a hole in my wallet since last Christmas and if I put it towards the purchase of two of their Cycle lamps, it would bring the total price down to $110 (not including tax) which really isn't that bad! I like how the base of the lamp mimics the shape of the lamp shade and the fact that the silver base and white shade would match my coffee table which has silver legs and a white top.

Last but not least is exhibit E, which is a simple wooden lamp base from Target:

[ Image courtesy of Target ]
I stumbled upon these lamp bases yesterday and instantly fell in love with their simple shape but they're $30 each and don't include a harp or lamp shade. Unfortunately, my local Target's selection of lamp shades was just ok so I wasn't able to price out how much one lamp would come to but I'm assuming it'd be around the $50 or $60 mark and if I'm going to spend that much, I think I'd rather buy a lamp that comes with everything.

Here's to hoping I find something good while I'm out!


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