September 16, 2010

Well Hello There!

Welcome to my desert domicile! Take your shoes off, grab yourself a drink and stay a while as I ramble on about life, love and the pursuit of decorative accessories. While you're here, allow me to introduce myself - my name is Caitlin and I'm a graphic designer by day and self-proclaimed interior decorator by nights and weekends.

I'm a native of Chicago, IL but relocated to the desert of Tucson, AZ two years ago and since then, I've spent most of my time transforming my 25-year-old desert domicile from it's former state as a vacation home (more on that later) to it's current state of a fabulous home (if I may say so myself)!

Join me on my sweat equity journey which promises to include DIY projects, thrifty finds, vignette styling and other miscellaneous ramblings :)

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