October 6, 2010

New Rug? Maybe...

I've talked about buying a new rug before but this time I *think* I may have found a new one for the living room and I honestly can't tell you how excited I am since Bentley (accidentally) ruined the existing one last night. He says "hi" by the way :)

Moving along ...

The rug is from CSN Stores and right now they're having a 20% off discount on select contemporary rugs. I had several bookmarked and it just so happens that one of the ones I had my heart set on is also one of the ones that's 20% off!

It's the Monemi Elements 20 rug in black and white (ivory?) and while it's a little more than what I was looking to spend, the 20% off discount + free shipping deal is almost too tempting to pass up. Hmmm, decisions, decisions...


  1. That is a really cool pattern! I like it-if that helps any. (:

  2. Thanks! I thought it was different and would add some interest to the room. Now I just have to buy it haha


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