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To Keep or Not To Keep

October 23, 2010

Last night I did what every bored 25-year-old aspiring interior decorator does: I went browsing around HomeGoods. While I was there, I stumbled upon a pair of lamps that I thought might work in my living room. I left them there but couldn't stop thinking about them throughout the night so I went back and got them this morning.

I like the height (32.5") and the overall shape of them but I'm not too wild about the cut-out (it's growing on me) and they have a lot of scratches and chips on them so I haven't decided if I'm going to keep them yet and I've left the tags on them in case I decide to return them.

If I do decide to keep them, I think they'd benefit greatly from a fresh coat of glossy black spray paint to help hide the damage. I showed my boyfriend and he says they look like a sewing needle ... what do you think? Should I keep them or keep looking around?


  1. I like them a lot. Very stark curves, accentuated by the cutout. No idea how they fit with everything else, but they are a great find.

  2. i love it! esp the whole but im a freak for perfection and nicks and such even painted over may drive me nuts if i was you!

  3. Thanks Coffee Master!

    Amber - Haha, you can't really see them from far away and they're not too bad so I think I'm just going to fill some of the bad ones with wood filler, sand it all down and then paint them which should help hide the others :)


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