December 30, 2010

HomeGoods Score

I don't know what it is with my local HomeGoods lately but everytime I go, I want to take home half of the store. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't agree with all of the fabulous things I've been finding lately BUT it did agree with two of these bad boys:

A just-for-fun close up shot of the accessories I also got
(they aren't staying on the table)

I'm going to replace my current nightstands with these new tables since they're much taller than the tables were using for nightstands now.

I left the price tag on in the first photo because of the AMAZING deal I got on them AND because these similar white pedestal tables from Brocade Home (seen below) sell for $299/each!!!

I got BOTH of my tables for LESS than ONE of the ones at Brocade Home!



  1. Those are GORGEOUS! What an amazing find.

  2. Love your style! Want to come decorate my house? haha I suck at it so bad.

  3. Ooh, great deal! Home Goods is like my crack. I love it and may talk my Mr. into taking me there tomorrow!

  4. Jen - Thanks! I was stunned when I realized how much I had saved :D

    Alicia - Absolutely!!!

    Joi - I'm the same way! I hope you guys were able to make it out there and can't wait for you to share your finds :)


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