December 14, 2010

Hunting For: Ceiling Fans

I've been hunting for a new living room ceiling fan for a while but haven't found "the one" yet. Here's a glimpse at what I'm currently working with:

It's not a bad ceiling fan, it's just old, outdated and not my style. It has dark brown wooden blades and a brass and glass dome looking thing (not sure of the technical term) that surrounds the lights.

I'm looking for a more contemporary fan and I've narrowed my options down to the following:

 [ Image via Amazon ]

I really love the black blades on this Sonic Contemporary fan from Amazon because, if you haven't noticed already, I'm a huge fan of black and white! I would need a longer downrod since my ceilings are 18' high but I think this fan could really pull the room together.

 [ Image via Amazon ]

The clean lines on the Osprey fan from Amazon have me sold but I worry about the 3 blades not being able to move enough air around and keep the room cool. The blades are 56" long though so I would think/hope that would do the job!

 [ Image via Lowe's ]

Ok. I LOVE this Harbor Breeze fan from Lowe's. LOVE LOVE LOVE it but again it's only 3 blades and I'd need a longer downrod :( Also, it's a different shade of wood than my floors and I'm one of those people who doesn't like to mix different shades of wood (hence all of my white furniture haha) so we'll see about this one.

 [ Image via Lowe's ]

This Utility Titanium fan from Lowe's was the first fan to get me really thinking about replacing my current one. The price is great ($77.15 at my local store) but the reviews aren't so great and I'd need a light kit so, sadly, I think I'm going to have to pass on this beauty.

 [ Image via Lowe's ]

I know it looks weird but this Fanaway fan from Lowe's is really cool! I saw it displayed at my local Lowe's and when the fan is on, the blades come out and do their job of cooling the room but when you turn it off, the fans retract in and rest above the motor until it's turned on again! The price for this fan is out of my budget ($350 at my local store) but I could always save for it!

What did you think of my fan roundup? Any other fan suggestions that you think would look great in my living room?


  1. love the last one. fyi from someone who has had a black bladed fan... you will be dusting it every weekend or it will look awful!

  2. Really? That's what I was afraid of :(

    The fan we have now is a dust magnet and it's so gross so I was hoping to avoid a repeat scenario. You don't think dust would show as much on the clear blades of the last one? I think it would show up more on the clear blades than the black ones but maybe not since the clear blades retract in. Hmmm...

  3. Hey girl! Of course the one I like is the one without a light kit so it's a no-go for you. : (

    I say go with your gut. I have dark fan blades and dust them occassionally. I don't think they look too bad!

    p.s. I'm adding you to my blogroll today---I just love it!

  4. Haha that's the one I LOVE but most of the reviews said it sounds like an airplane taking off when it's running :(

    P.S. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll :D

  5. I bought a ceiling fan from Amazon. Thank you for sharing.


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