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Fabulous Finds Friday: 10th Edition

February 25, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!

My weekend plans include painting my guest bathroom, taking my dogs to the dog park and attempting to start my DIY porcupine mirror since last weekend's weather wasn't cooperative (rainy and windy) :(

But before all of that, let's start with the 10th edition of Fabulous Finds Friday with this colorful Paint Palette pillow from CB2:

[ Image via CB2 ]

The front of the pillow looks like it's been painted with watercolors but it reverses to solid gray so for $34.95, you're basically getting two pillows for the price of one! Not a bad deal for a bright and cheery addition to any room!

The second fabulous find is this adorable set of Dachshund Bookends from Z Gallerie:

[ Image via Z Gallerie ]

I don't have a Dachshund but I am a dog lover and think these bookends are super cute! They're made of solid matte black resin and are only $29.95 for the set. I was thinking I'd pick up a pair but I have some furry friends at home that might get a little jealous ;)

Next up is the Domino Book of Decorating from West Elm:

[ Image via West Elm ]

I picked up this book a couple of years ago and it's always been one of my favorites. The book takes readers room by room and provides them with tools to create functional and fabulous spaces. This is the book that propelled my love for decorating into new dimensions and is a definite must-have!

The fourth fabulous find (say that ten times fast) are the Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters from Perpetual Kid:

[ Image via Perpetual Kid ]

I'm not much of a baker but these cookie cutters are hard to resist! Not only is the name cute but can you imagine how much fun you'd have decorating the little Ninja's after they're done baking?! For $7.95/set, they'd make a great gift for anyone on your list (non-bakers included)!

Last but not least is the Grid Mat from Crate and Barrel:

[ Image via Crate and Barrel ]

With Spring approaching, most of the country will start to thaw meaning boots and shoes are going to be getting wet and dirty from all of the melting snow and ice. The Grid Mat is a modern-looking, weather-resistant way to trap all of that dirt and debris from getting inside your house and is currently on sale for $12.95!

What did you think of this weeks Fabulous Finds Friday? What would you like to see included next week?


  1. This series is quickly becoming a favorite! I'll take one of everything, please. :)

    I've been thinking about purchasing the Domino book for a while now, and your endorsement is just what I needed.

    Happy Weekend!


  2. i absolutely adore the dachshund bookends! My husband and I have 2 dachshunds and I love love love this!!

  3. Great finds! My favorite is the mat!

  4. Yay Jonalynn!!! You're going to LOVE the book :)

    Katie - Dachshund's are the cutest!

    Joi - I love the mat too! It's so versatile and can be left out year-round!


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