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Fabulous Finds Friday: 9th Edition

February 18, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the ninth edition of Fabulous Finds Friday!

Let's begin with the Scaffold Candleholder from CB2:

[ Image via CB2 ]

This candleholder is on sale for $9.95 (from $14.95) and the intertwining rods shift into new forms as you please. It would look great displayed on a coffee table or sideboard and would make a great gift!

Next on the list is the Mademoiselle Magazine cover June 1936 reprint from Z Gallerie:

[ Image via Z Gallerie ]

I've mentioned my love of this print before in this bedroom mood board I created and after seeing it in my local store, I'm convinced I need one! It's only $49.95 and would look great hanging in any room of the house that needs a punch of color!

The third fabulous find is Rambling Robbie Jr. from the Cardboard Safari:

[ Image via Cardboard Safari ]

Rambling Robbie would make a great cardboard companion for your home or office! He comes in two different options, white or kraft, and can be decorated with paint, glitter or wrapping paper or he can be left plain! Robbie is just $30 and would look great displayed on top of a stack of books.

Up next is the Deer Wearing Gym Socks Wall Art from Urban Outfitters:

[ Image via Urban Outfitters ]

This quirky print was created by Charmaine Olivia. The canvas is 16" x 16" in size and is just $38. It'd look great hanging amongst a collection of other eclectic art and would definitely get the attention of your guests!

Rounding out this Fabulous Finds list is the Hive Vase from West Elm:

[ Image via West Elm ]

These vases range in price from $24 - $39 and are made of 100% terracotta. They're distressed, painted and glazed by hand and would look great with a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers!

What did you think of this weeks Fabulous Finds Friday? What would you like to see included next week?


  1. Loving the candleholder and cardboard rhinos!

    If you have the inside track on affordable campaign furniture in Arizona, I would be forever grateful to see it as part of your "Fabulous Finds Friday." :)


  2. I don't unfortunately :( I keep searching Tucson's Craigslist and thrift stores hoping against hope something will show up but I haven't found anything yet.

    There's a mid-century modern furniture place in Phoenix called Amsterdam Modern that gets new containers shipped to them all of the time so they might get a campaign piece in! Some of their stuff is pricey but they do have a lot of affordable things too :) I would call and see if they're getting a piece in though because they're stuff goes fast!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! You'd think there would be a few campaign pieces floating around in an area populated with a lot of old people. Go figure! Here's to our continued search!



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