February 16, 2011

DIY Porcupine Mirror

I mentioned yesterday how a bed with a tufted headboard was on my wish list. Adding to that wish list is the porcupine quill mirror from Horchow.

[ Image via Horchow ]

[ Image via Graham Moss ]

[ Image via Houzz ]

Unfortunately, I can't justify spending $700+ on a mirror so I thought I might spend some time making one this weekend.

Last fall, I picked up two small black mirrors from Target's Room Essentials line that look like this:

 [ Image via Target ]

I should be able to drill some small, randomly placed holes along the edge of the mirror and then hot glue some stripey black painted bamboo skewers into the holes at different lengths. I could also glue some to the back of the mirror to give the "quills" some extra depth.

 [ Imagine these with black painted stripes :) ]

It should work, right? I figure for about $25 ($15 for the mirror and about $10 for a few packages of skewers), it doesn't hurt to try!


  1. Caitlin...I can't wait to see your DIY Porcupine mirror...I loved mine..I had to move it to a safer spot...that thing is sooo spikey!!!! LOL

    I like the mirrors you are starting with..very nice!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I plan on hanging mine pretty high (above my bed maybe?) for fear that my dogs will try to sniff it and end up getting poked!

  3. Very cool! I couldn't justify dropping that much cash, either. Can't wait for your reveal.

    I see you're an Arizona blogger, too! I moved to Phoenix last year and really like it. Glad to have another local blog to read.


  4. Ooh, I'm excited for this!! Great DIY adventure!

  5. Jonalynn - Nice to "meet" you! Glad you're loving Phoenix, it's my home away from home since I frequent IKEA a lot haha :)

    Joi - Girl, I hope I don't stab myself LOL

  6. It's so nice being 20 minutes from an IKEA now. I moved to Phoenix from Central California where the closest IKEA was three hours away in Sacramento.


  7. Nice! I moved from Chicago, IL so the closest one to me there was about an hour away and now it's two hours away haha Oh well, the drive is worth it!


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