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Big Lots Lamp

March 4, 2011

Two posts in one day?! It's unusual, I know but there's a reason behind it :)

Two weeks ago when I was sourcing supplies for my DIY porcupine mirror, I went to Big Lots looking for cheap bamboo skewers and stumbled upon this lamp:

And thought that If I spray painted the base and replaced the shade (or recovered it in a new fabric), I could end up with a lamp that looks VERY similar to the Mariposa Lamp from Z Gallerie.

The curves of the Big Lots lamp are a little different than the Mariposa lamp BUT the Big Lots lamp is only $60 AND this Saturday and Sunday they're having a 20% off sale if you're a rewards member (it's free to become one).

If you were to buy two Big Lots lamps it would be $120 + the additional 20% off would make both lamps $96 (not including sales tax). A can of spray paint will run you about $3 - $5 so for about $100, you can get two Big Lots lamps for LESS THAN the price of one Z Gallerie lamp!

Guess where I'll be heading this weekend :)


  1. phew i was so worried you liked the lampshade and i was thinking ugh that is not her taste lol


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