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Inspired By: Abstract Art

March 1, 2011

I think it's my design background that has me so intrigued by abstract artwork but maybe it's the fact that when I was growing up, I was always doodling on things and had plenty of crayons and markers nearby in case inspiration struck.

Whatever the reason, I've always been in love with abstract paintings and have recently purchased a 36" x 48" blank canvas that is hanging above my bed waiting for inspiration to strike and I think it just may have...

[ Image via Apartment Therapy ]

[ Image via Small Shop Studio ]

[ Image via Edyta & Co. ]

[ Image via Horchow ]

[ Image via Houzz ]

[ Image via Signed by Tina ]


  1. I like this kind of art because there are no rules! Fun!

  2. All of these paintings make me happy. I think you're right: We do share the same brain! Yay for pretty abstract art!


  3. Love that last one!

  4. Very cool! I always enjoy looking at large abstract paintings hanging up. It makes me want to paint!



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