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HomeGoods Gold

April 4, 2011

Remember back in December how I said I had found the greatest HomeGoods find ever? Well I take that back. While those tables are still great, my new lamps are even greater :)

Over the weekend I scored two of these lamps for ... wait for it ... $50 EACH!!! They're pretty much an identical match to the Weston table lamp from Z Gallerie except for the fact that I got both of my lamps from HomeGoods for HALF of the price of one of Z Gallerie's Weston lamps.

They're so perfect, I can't get over the fact that they're mine!


  1. OMG I love them! Why can't we have a Home Goods here? Jealous.

  2. Aren't they awesome?! If the shipping costs didn't break the bank (and if they had another pair), I'd totally buy you a set and send them your way :)

  3. We have those in our local store... But I can't see them with what I already have. Gorgeous!!!


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