May 31, 2011

Bedroom Nook

I haven't posted a tour of my master bedroom yet because of this random nook it has that I don't know what to do with :(

The nook is about 5.5 feet wide x 7 feet long and the ceilings are just over 6 feet high but they open up to 18 feet high where my bed/dressers are. Also, there are three doors that occupy part of the area: the entrance (to the left), one leading to the master bathroom (straight ahead) and one leading into the walk-in closet (to the right).

The photo below is what the room looks like when you're standing diagonally in the entrance towards the bed. I'll be replacing those two black ottomans at the end of the bed with a long bench very soon.

This is the view from the master bathroom (closet door on the left), facing the bed/dressers:

I was thinking of putting a chair against the wall below and using the garden stool (my latest HomeGoods find!) as a side table to create a reading area but I don't read and it might be a little weird to have a spot dedicated to something I don't do:

Maybe I could hang some shelves above the stool (and possible future chair) since I already have a piece of art on the opposite wall?

I thought of hanging a large mirror on the wall above but I already have four mirrors hanging above my dresser (scroll back to photo 3 to see what I'm talking about) so that idea is out.

Maybe a simple bookcase (like an IKEA Lack or Expedit) could be used as a divider to split the nook and the bedroom into two spaces, kind of like the not-to-scale mock up below:

What do you think? Does this little nook have potential?


  1. LOVE the garden stool! And I'm NOT liking the idea of a bookshelf like you have pictured. As for a chair....what about a small black patio chair? Could work outside with garden stool too, if you have outdoor space or porch. Artwork on other wall...loving the Saturday Evening Post off it?? Look for "magazine" pieces or things to do with printing somehow. Typewriter keys, print board, etc.

  2. Hi! Just found your blog via Rate My Space and have started following. I think you've done a great job on your place so far.

    As for your nook, I agree that you shouldn't put something like a reading corner in, if you don't read - that would just seem a bit fake and you wouldn't use it.

    I think a bookshelf would close off the area too much and distract from that great painting. If you wanted the area to look more interesting, what about hanging a thick voluminous curtain from half way across the opening to the wall opposite the painting and have it tied back? It would soften the little nook up and give it a feature and I think it would make an inviting little entrance to your bedroom. You could put your garden stool in front of the curtain then.

    Just an idea! Can't wait to see how you solve it.

  3. Mirror and dressing area? Since closet and master bath are right in that area it could be one last mirror check before leaving.


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