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Living Room Tour

May 2, 2011

Finally an updated living room tour!

Take off your shoes and stay a while :)

What did you think?

PS: My new living room rug didn't work out so my faux cowhide is back for the time being.


  1. Loooove rooms with black & white furniture <3 Like it! :) Keep up the gorgeous work lady - and thanks for following Live.Create.Inspire! Xoxo

    - Urska

  2. whatd you do with the new rug? and your floors are gorgeous!

  3. So chic! Good job, girl!

  4. Looks nice and CLEAN! But what happened to the rug?

  5. Thanks ladies! :)

    Unfortunately, the rug wasn't made very well (white strands where gray should have been, gray where white should have been, etc.) and it started to fall apart and look very worn after only two days after I had it out so it's going back to the manufacturer and my search continues :(

  6. Loving how sleek and modern it is! Amazing job! Sorry about the rug. :(

    turn up the rad


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