June 7, 2011

HGTV'd Princess Party Pad Makeover

Did anyone else catch last night's premiere of HGTV'd? If you didn't, stop reading now so I don't spoil things for you! If you did, what'd you think?!

[ Image via HGTV ]

The first episode was a Princess Party Pad makeover that was completed by David Bromstad. I liked parts of the room but a lot of it was way too over the top for my personal style.

[ Image via HGTV ]

I'm loving the tufted yellow couch but the coffee table and chandelier aren't for me.

[ Image via HGTV ]

Those tufted purple dining room chairs and that shaggy white rug are great even though the rug wouldn't last 5 minutes in my house haha

[ Image via Casa Sugar ]

I don't know if you can see them but David used crocodile textured recycled leather tiles for the flooring. TO. DIE. FOR!

What did you think of the makeover? Are you excited for next week's episode?!


  1. It was too much for me, but it was a fun space!

  2. I heart DB!!! But I'm with you on the coffee table. Kinda ruins the room for me!

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  3. Looks great as a showroom but a bit over the top for everyday living. Love DB's original wall painting in her dining room area.

  4. Really? I LOVE The coffee table.
    But nice rooms. x


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