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Luxury Lust: Louis Vuitton Vintage Suitcases

June 14, 2011

If there's one luxury item I'd be forever grateful to receive, it's a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase. Or set of suitcases :)

[ Image via Rue Magazine ]

[ Image via Tumblr ]

Unfortunately, I don't have several thousand dollars to spend on one but it's fun to dream!

What's one luxury item you'd love to have?


  1. The luggage is beautiful! My secret luxury lust has always been a Hermes tray. I daydream about it laying on top my nailhead ottoman. They are so hard to find! And when you do find one, they cost a couple of arms and a couple of legs.

  2. I would love to have an old vintage therapy chair (what is the proper name)??? one like freud used during therapy


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