June 13, 2011

Thrifted Treasures

On Friday night, my boyfriend and I made our way around to some of our favorite local thrift stores. We hadn't been to them in a while because the last few times we went we struck out so I honestly wasn't expecting much but I was wrong!

Look at what we got...

The Eiffel Tower bookends were $6.98 for the pair. The top point is missing and there are some dents and dings on them but they're in great shape overall! I'm debating on painting them white...

The books were:

$2.99 for Chasing Harry Winston
$1.99 for Style 101
$2.99 for Marley and Me
$1.99 for A Million Little Pieces
$1.99 for Sugar and Spice

TOTAL: $11.95 for all 5!!!

I scored this (ridiculously heavy) domed glass cloche for just $3.99 at Goodwill which is identical to this $19 one from Williams Sonoma!

Story behind the Armadillo:

When my mom and I used to go on vacations to Tucson, we would road trip it out here. One year when we were driving, I kept seeing dead Armadillo's on the side of the road but I kept calling them Anteaters for whatever reason.

My mom couldn't figure out what I was talking about until she saw the shell of a dead Armadillo and explained what it was. We laughed and joked about it the rest of our vacation so when I saw the little Armadillo, I knew it was coming home with me :)

And for only $4.98, how could I say no?!

After having so much luck in Tucson, we drove up to Phoenix on Saturday to go to IKEA (of course!) and to check our their thrift store scene.

We only had time to stop at a Goodwill but we found a fun patterned Food Network mug for 65 cents and four CB2 appetizer plates that were in perfect condition and were only 99 cents each!

We also went to Ross where I found this green Foo Dog statue for $8.99. I'm debating on whether or not I should paint it white...

GRAND THRIFTING TOTAL (excluding Foo Dog from Ross): $32.51!!!

Not too bad if I may say so myself! What's something you've picked up on a recent thrifting adventure?


  1. Love that dome! I actually found one similar that came off the top of a cheese platter. They are fun in the kitchen or for display.

  2. Great stuff! I say keep the dog green! It's fun!


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