July 26, 2011

Possible Project

Yesterday as I was browsing Pinterest, I came across a few bedroom makeovers that included upholstered headboards. I've always liked the cushy, cozy look of an upholstered bed but the ones I've been eyeing are way out of my price range.

Back in January, I picked up the Edland bed from IKEA and while I love the size and dramatic impact it brings to my bedroom, I've never really known what to do with the empty space above its (mini) headboard.

[ Image via IKEA ]

I could add a mirror but I already have 4 mirrors hanging above my dressers (which are across from the bed) and I think adding another would be overkill (see below). I bought a canvas a while back that I had plans to paint and hang in the space but it's still in its wrapping, unpainted.

Anyway, yesterdays browsing got me thinking that maybe I could DIY a giant upholstered headboard for my bed that would fill the space. I'm still working on the plans (and my courage) but I think it'd be doable!

Although one concern I'm having is would an upholstered headboard look weird paired with the remaining wood bed? If the headboard actually happens, I could always attempt to upholster the sides of the bed.

What do you think? Have you done any big DIY projects lately? How did you manage to get the courage to actually go through with the project?

I always get excited about DIY projects but then I think that if I mess it up, I'm stuck with a ruined piece of furniture that was fine to begin with.


  1. I adore upholstered headboards (and have made about 5 in my time for myself and clients). But personally I think for your space I'd prefer a gorgeous big painting. Whatever you choose I'm sure it will look great.

  2. Love your rug peeking out from under the bed!


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