August 17, 2011

DIY Projects Galore

Thanks to the power of the internet and the magic of Pinterest, I've racked up over 80 DIY projects on my DIY Pinterest board but I've yet to complete one of them.

Here are some of my current favorites that I can't stop thinking about:

DIY State String Art
I remember creating basic, circular string art when I was a kid but I thought this California version was awesome! After you got all of the nails hammered into the wood, I don't think it'd take very long to string it up and even if it did, think of the awesome and unique gift you could make for someone!

[ When I pinned this, there was no source so if it's your image, please let me know so I can credit you! ]

Sequined Chair Backs
How fun are these?! They'd be pretty easy to replicate and would add a little sparkle and elegance to the backs of your chairs :) 

[ Image via Flickr ]

DIY Paint Chip Art
I've seen a lot of other paint chip art tutorials but this one from How About Orange stood out to me because of the shapes and colors of the paint chips.  

[ Image via How About Orange ]

DIY Rope Mirror
Seeing this mirror makes me want a house on the beach! How fun would it be to make for a nautical themed room?

[ Image via Martha Stewart ]

DIY Pallet Swing
If I didn't live in a strict condo association, I would definitely have one of these pallet swings hanging from the roof of my back porch! Cup holders are included :)

Have you been inspired by any DIY projects lately? Have you created any of the above? Link me to your page, I'd love to check out your projects!

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  1. I love this California string art. I will be trying this one soon. So glad I found you....I'm your new stalker.


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