September 1, 2011

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Since this upcoming weekend happens to be one of the 4-day variety, I was thinking that I could spend that time painting my kitchen cabinets. I've thought about painting them before but the whole process seemed very overwhelming and very time consuming but I think I'm up for the challenge!

I'm planning on painting my cabinets white and am currently inspired by the following kitchens:

[ Image via Hampton Design ]

[ Image via Made By Girl ]

[ Image via House of Turquoise ]

[ Image via CasaSugar ]

The only struggle I'm having is whether or not I should paint the insides of the cabinets white as well. I don't mind the look of white doors with wood shelves/insides (like below) but I don't want future buyers to think I forgot to paint the insides. However, if I do decide to paint the cabinet insides, I'm worried that they'll chip and/or that my dishes will end up sticking to the paint.

[ Image via DIY Network ]

What do you think? Have you ever painted your cabinets before? If so, did you paint the insides or leave them the original finish?


  1. I painted my cupboards a few weeks ago and left the inside timber. I hate it when dishes stick to the paint and it often scratches. I think as long as your edges are neat, and the inside of the cupboards clean, people will realise it was intentional. Although pretty colours inside the cupboards can be gorgeous if you can be bothered!

  2. We painted our cabinets and it's one of my favorite projects ever! However, we chose not to paint the insides just to save time and effort.


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