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November 8, 2011

I made my usual HomeGoods run on Friday night but didn't see anything that caught my eye so I went home empty handed. However, when I went back on Saturday afternoon, I spotted this big pig (that I've affectionately named Babe. Or Pablo. I haven't really decided yet.):

FOR ONLY $29.99!!!

I don't like the current paint job and plan on spray painting him very soon for a more modern look. I was thinking white (my go-to color) but I'm thinking hot pink or gold would look good too!

Speaking of white pigs, I've had my eye on this Flying Pig from Z Gallerie for a while but never got around to buying him and now I'm glad I waited because my pig was the same price as Z's pig but mine is 2x larger than Z's!

[ Image via Z Gallerie ]

Plus, with a little paint job, they'll practically be twins!


  1. Nice butt shot!! Sorry, I couldnt resist! I was hoping you were going to paint it white..such a great deal!!

  2. Hahaha I would've said the same thing! I think I'm leaning more towards white only because I have so many white pieces right now, I feel like any other color wouldn't fit in as well. We'll see :)


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