November 9, 2011

Forest Floor

Not only did I score a big pig at HomeGoods over the weekend but I also scored two log-like lamp bases from Target:

Although their website still says the lamp bases are going for $49.99 each, I got mine for ...

$12.48 EACH!!!

That's a 75% discount off of EACH lamp base! And to think that I was planning on paying full price for both of them when they first came out. MAN-OH-MAN am I glad I waited!

They didn't come with lamp shades and although Target had a big selection in stock, most of them flared out and I'm not a fan of shades that aren't perfectly circular or square.

However, I did find these shades from Lamps Plus that I think I'm going to order:

[ Image via Lamps Plus ]

They're plain and simple but I like how the shape of the shade is the same cylindrical shape as the base. I'm hoping they'll look something like this when they're put together:

What do you think? Should I choose a different shade?


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