November 29, 2011

New House - Kitchen Plans

When I was initially thinking about the option choices for my new kitchen, white cabinets, white backsplash, stainless steel appliances and hardware, white granite countertops and hardwood floors ran through my mind. A kitchen like this is what I was envisioning:

[ Image via Houzz ]

Unfortunately my builder doesn't allow hardwood to be installed in wet areas, including the kitchen. This was a bit of a let down because the first floor of my new place (shown below) has an open floor plan and I want the flooring to all be the same so it's cohesive throughout.

All is well though because I have a new plan and it looks like...

1. I'm planning on painting my entire place white and adding a white kitchen into the white wall and trim mix just seemed like it would be a little too sterile for my tastes so I've opted for espresso stained cabinets to help add a little warmth to the downstairs.

2. I'm pairing the espresso cabinets with stainless hardware from IKEA.

3. I'm not sure if these floor tiles are going to be the exact ones I'm getting (I haven't seen the options yet) but I'm going to look for something similar. I'd like 12" x 24" tiles instead of 12" x 12" ones for more of a modern feel.

4. A bright striped runner will help add a little punch of color in an overall neutral space.

5. I'll have a little snack bar/island area now and what does every island need? Barstools! 3 to be exact :)

6. What else does a snack bar/island area need? Pendant lights! 2 to be exact :)

7. In case the espresso cabinets turn out to be darker than I'm imagining, I'm planning on having white Caesarstone countertops installed. Caesarstone or granite, I haven't really decided yet but whatever kind I choose, it'll be white.

8. Last but not least, I'd like to have this Moroccan patterned backsplash installed flush against the counters.

Here are some examples that show a clearer idea of what I'm thinking about:

[ Image via The Kitchn ]

[ Image via Caesarstone ]

[ Image via Houzz ]

What do you think? Are you excited as I am? I can't wait to choose everything!


  1. I love the new plan even better! It's such a fresh look.

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  3. Thanks Joi! I'm excited to get started on the whole process :)

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