December 2, 2011

Pucker Up

I'm a huge fan of David Bromstad and would LOVE for him to come to my house and design a room but unfortunately I don't live in Miami and I doubt he'd travel to Tucson. Despite all that, I'm excited to get a print of David's art to hang in my new home:

[ Image via Penny Lane Publishing ]

Even though it's not an original Bromstad, it's close enough considering I've loved that particular painting since I saw it in a Color Splash episode a while back. And besides, who doesn't love a nice pair of red lips?! ;)

I'm also seriously thinking about buying this print too to pair with the lips:

[ Image via Penny Lane Publishing ]

Above the bed maybe? Or across from the bed flanking the bathroom door? I suppose I should wait until the house is actually built before I make a decision but it's fun to plan ahead :)

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