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Fabulous Finds Friday: 10th Edition

February 25, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!

My weekend plans include painting my guest bathroom, taking my dogs to the dog park and attempting to start my DIY porcupine mirror since last weekend's weather wasn't cooperative (rainy and windy) :(

But before all of that, let's start with the 10th edition of Fabulous Finds Friday with this colorful Paint Palette pillow from CB2:

[ Image via CB2 ]

The front of the pillow looks like it's been painted with watercolors but it reverses to solid gray so for $34.95, you're basically getting two pillows for the price of one! Not a bad deal for a bright and cheery addition to any room!

The second fabulous find is this adorable set of Dachshund Bookends from Z Gallerie:

[ Image via Z Gallerie ]

I don't have a Dachshund but I am a dog lover and think these bookends are super cute! They're made of solid matte black resin and are only $29.95 for the set. I was thinking I'd pick up a pair but I have some furry friends at home that might get a little jealous ;)

Next up is the Domino Book of Decorating from West Elm:

[ Image via West Elm ]

I picked up this book a couple of years ago and it's always been one of my favorites. The book takes readers room by room and provides them with tools to create functional and fabulous spaces. This is the book that propelled my love for decorating into new dimensions and is a definite must-have!

The fourth fabulous find (say that ten times fast) are the Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters from Perpetual Kid:

[ Image via Perpetual Kid ]

I'm not much of a baker but these cookie cutters are hard to resist! Not only is the name cute but can you imagine how much fun you'd have decorating the little Ninja's after they're done baking?! For $7.95/set, they'd make a great gift for anyone on your list (non-bakers included)!

Last but not least is the Grid Mat from Crate and Barrel:

[ Image via Crate and Barrel ]

With Spring approaching, most of the country will start to thaw meaning boots and shoes are going to be getting wet and dirty from all of the melting snow and ice. The Grid Mat is a modern-looking, weather-resistant way to trap all of that dirt and debris from getting inside your house and is currently on sale for $12.95!

What did you think of this weeks Fabulous Finds Friday? What would you like to see included next week?

Inspired By: Four Poster Beds

Moody Monday: Dining Room

February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day everyone! Are you one of the lucky few who have the day off? I hope so!

Today's mood board focuses on the dining room:

1. This quatrefoil mirror from the allen + roth line at Lowe's is a steal at $65! It's generously sized at 30" x 30" and looks like it'd cost much more than it actually does!

2. The Loft Chandelier from Z Gallerie is gorgeous. I love how the metallic bottomed bulbs play off of the silver base of the dining room table

3. I love the sculptural shape of the glossy black Panton Chairs and especially love how the curves of the chairs play off of the curves of the quatrefoil mirror. These chairs sell as a set of 4 on Overstock.com for just $368.99!!!

4. The Silverado Round Dining Table from CB2 pairs a set of sleek, chrome legs with a glass table top which gives all of your guests the perfect view of this zebra striped rug.

5. The Aspen Dinnerware set from Crate and Barrel is the perfect everyday dining set. They're modern and elegant and will be in style for many years to come so there's no need to worry about investing in a set only to have it be out of style in a few years!

6. Z Gallerie's Canton Bowl would look great standing on its own or filled with some decorative accessories or some fresh fruit!

7. IKEA's Trollsta sideboard is a gorgeous statement piece and although the website doesn't show the yellow option, I *think* I saw it on display at my IKEA last month (don't quote me). Even if it's no longer available, the black sideboard is still a great option and could probably be painted any color you desire!

8. I chose this zebra rug for the mood board because I prefer to pair circular tables with square rugs so all of the chair legs stay on the rug a little better. I also like the pattern of the rug which can easily be seen through the dining room table.

What did you think of these weeks mood board? Which room would you like to see next week?

Fabulous Finds Friday: 9th Edition

February 18, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the ninth edition of Fabulous Finds Friday!

Let's begin with the Scaffold Candleholder from CB2:

[ Image via CB2 ]

This candleholder is on sale for $9.95 (from $14.95) and the intertwining rods shift into new forms as you please. It would look great displayed on a coffee table or sideboard and would make a great gift!

Next on the list is the Mademoiselle Magazine cover June 1936 reprint from Z Gallerie:

[ Image via Z Gallerie ]

I've mentioned my love of this print before in this bedroom mood board I created and after seeing it in my local store, I'm convinced I need one! It's only $49.95 and would look great hanging in any room of the house that needs a punch of color!

The third fabulous find is Rambling Robbie Jr. from the Cardboard Safari:

[ Image via Cardboard Safari ]

Rambling Robbie would make a great cardboard companion for your home or office! He comes in two different options, white or kraft, and can be decorated with paint, glitter or wrapping paper or he can be left plain! Robbie is just $30 and would look great displayed on top of a stack of books.

Up next is the Deer Wearing Gym Socks Wall Art from Urban Outfitters:

[ Image via Urban Outfitters ]

This quirky print was created by Charmaine Olivia. The canvas is 16" x 16" in size and is just $38. It'd look great hanging amongst a collection of other eclectic art and would definitely get the attention of your guests!

Rounding out this Fabulous Finds list is the Hive Vase from West Elm:

[ Image via West Elm ]

These vases range in price from $24 - $39 and are made of 100% terracotta. They're distressed, painted and glazed by hand and would look great with a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers!

What did you think of this weeks Fabulous Finds Friday? What would you like to see included next week?

DIY Porcupine Mirror

February 16, 2011

I mentioned yesterday how a bed with a tufted headboard was on my wish list. Adding to that wish list is the porcupine quill mirror from Horchow.

[ Image via Horchow ]

[ Image via Graham Moss ]

[ Image via Houzz ]

Unfortunately, I can't justify spending $700+ on a mirror so I thought I might spend some time making one this weekend.

Last fall, I picked up two small black mirrors from Target's Room Essentials line that look like this:

 [ Image via Target ]

I should be able to drill some small, randomly placed holes along the edge of the mirror and then hot glue some stripey black painted bamboo skewers into the holes at different lengths. I could also glue some to the back of the mirror to give the "quills" some extra depth.

 [ Imagine these with black painted stripes :) ]

It should work, right? I figure for about $25 ($15 for the mirror and about $10 for a few packages of skewers), it doesn't hurt to try!

Inspired By: Tufted Headboards

February 15, 2011

Before I purchased the Edland bed from IKEA, I was seriously considering buying a bed that had an oversized, tufted headboard but everyone I liked was out of my price range.

I'll be able to afford one someday but for now, my inspiration folder is full of beautiful options to look at :)

[ Image via Sketch 42 ]

[ Image via DecorPad ]

[ Image via Houzz ]

[ Image via Three Men and a Lady ]

[ Image via Houzz ]

What's something you've always wanted but haven't been able to afford?

Happy Valentine's Day

Inspired By: Nailhead Trim

February 9, 2011

I'm pretty sure I would put nailhead trim on everything if I had the skills and patience to do so.

[ Image via Betsy Burnham ]

[ Image via Rachel Reider ]

[ Image via Signed by Tina ]

[ Image via The Lennoxx ]

[ Image via Cococozy ]


Moody Monday: Grand Entrance

February 7, 2011

Happy Monday Everyone!

Welcome to the second edition of the new Moody Monday series! Today's mood board focuses on the entryway.

1. Starburst mirrors have been popular for a while now and this one from Crate and Barrel tops my favorites list. I love the mix of metals (brass and steel) and the layered steel wires along with the brass chain pattern that surrounds the mirror.

2.These Mariposa Pillar Holders from Z Gallerie remind me of chess pieces and would look great clustered together. Top them with some delicious smelling candles to welcome in guests and you've got a winning combination!

3. Invite your guests to sit down and take off their shoes on the classic Louis Ghost Chair designed by Philippe Starck. Though it's not in my budget, this chair has been a favorite of mine for many years and would look great in any room of the house, entryways included!

4. The Madera Throw Pillow from Wrapables would look great sitting on the Louis Ghost Chair. The pillow is reversible and helps bring in a natural element to the entryway just like the ...

5. Sequoia Console Table from Z Gallerie does! Although I can't afford it, this console table has been on my mind since I spotted it in stores a few weeks ago. It's cast from an abandoned root from an Acacia tree was unearthed in the north of Thailand and would definitely get many compliments from your guests!

6. The Coop Bowl from CB2 gives this entryway an unexpected pop of color and would be a great place to toss your keys, mail, sunglasses or wallet!

7. The Rose Line Table Lamp (also from CB2) would add some much needed light to a dimly lit hallway. The red cloth cord plays off of the red Coop Bowl and pops against the dark navy blue walls.

8. Although it's no longer available, I'm still dying to get my hands on the bronze Dhurrie Rug from Nate Berkus. I would use the runner sized rug in the entryway and love how the bronze colored chevrons in the rug play off of the bronze chain pattern in the starburst mirror.

Which room would you like to see next week?

Fabulous Finds Friday: Snowpocalypse

February 4, 2011

Since I live in Arizona, I don't get to join in on any of the Snowpocalypse fun but it did inspire this edition of Fabulous Finds Friday!

Let's start with the Feather Dish from Kohl's:

[ Image via Kohl's ]

I love the detail of this dish and think it'd look great filled with rings and earrings sitting on top of a dresser. It's currently 50% off ($12.49, down from $24.99) and would make a great gift for Valentine's day or for an upcoming birthday or anniversary!

Next up are these new ceramic origami animals from Z Gallerie:

[ Image via Z Gallerie ]
I recently purchased a ceramic origami crane from West Elm that I absolutely love and these two pieces from Z Gallerie would be great to add to my collection! They're both $49.95 and the giraffe stands 23.5" while the rhino is 14" wide. Not a bad price for two pretty big pieces!

The third Snowpocalypse find is the Facet Vase from CB2:

[ Image via CB2 ]

Similar to the ceramic origami pieces from Z Gallerie, this Facet Vase from CB2 has great asymmetric angles and a beautiful silhouette. It's only $49.95 and would look great filled with some fresh flowers or decorative sticks.

The fourth fabulous find is the white set of Everglades Travel Accessories from Z Gallerie:

[ Image via Z Gallerie ]

While most of the country is buried under countless inches of snow and ice, these crocodile embossed travel accessories should help you take your mind off of everything long enough to start thinking about an upcoming vacation some place warm and tropical!

Last but not least is this decorative antler from Kohl's:

[ Image via Kohl's ]

Originally $39.99, it's now 50% off ($19.99) meaning you can buy two for the original price of one! I love the chic twist on rustic decor it offers and the horns would be perfect for holding rings and bracelets!

That wraps up this snowy white edition of Fabulous Finds Friday! Hope everyone is staying warm :)

Inspired By: Chesterfield Sofas

February 1, 2011

If I could have any sofa in the world, it would be a Chesterfield :)

[ Image via Live Bohemian ]

[ Image via Rosenatti ]

[ Image via Creamylife ]

[ Image via Creamylife ]

[ Image via Tied with a Bouw

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