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House Selections

December 29, 2011

After choosing my new appliances, I went to Andrew Lauren (the interior design center our builder is working with) to choose the interior finishes for my new house.

I chose 18" x 18" Costa Rei Pietra Bianca tile flooring for the entire first floor. It looks more light gray and white in person than it does online:

And Shaw carpet in White Fox for the second floor (which looks much lighter in person):

The walls are going to be painted Birch White by Dunn Edwards. Again, it looks much lighter in person and is more of a creamy white than a light beige.

I chose espresso cabinetry for the kitchen and bathrooms:

Which is going to be paired with Bianco Antico granite countertops in the kitchen and white marble in the bathrooms:

Hardware isn't included with the cabinetry but I'm planning on purchasing some of the LANSA handles from IKEA:

To give you an idea of what it's going to look like altogether, this is what it looked like in the design center (minus the carpet). Left to Right: Floor tile, wall color, grout color, espresso cabinetry, Bianco Antico countertops:

What do you think? I liked the selections in the show room so let's hope they look as good when they're installed in my house!

New Appliances

December 28, 2011

Last Thursday I went to Westar to pick out the appliances for my new house and this is what I chose:

I don't have the paperwork in front of me so I'm not sure if those are the right models or not but I think they're close from what I can remember.

I have stainless steel appliances from Frigidaire in my current place and I love them so I'm looking forward to having similar but updated models in my new place!

Dhurrie Love

December 22, 2011

Around this time last year, I posted about my love for Nate Berkus' Dhurrie Rug from HSN.

[ Image via HSN.com ]

The rug in action on The Nate Show set:

[ Image via LA Times ]

I also made a mood board that included the runner sized version of the rug:

Obsessed much? Maybe but even though I was in love with the rug, it was sold out. However, during a random Google search last night, I found out that it's BACK IN STOCK! So what did I do? I bought it, of course! I couldn't risk having it sell out again especially since I've wanted it for almost a year! Plus, I know it's going to be an amazing addition to my new house so how could I say no?!

The only problem is choosing which room it's going to be in! I was planning on putting it in the bedroom but with the addition of my new chevron duvet cover from West Elm, I'm afraid that it's going to be chevron overload in there.

What do you think? I ordered the 8' x 10' size rug in gold so it could always work in my new living room if it doesn't look right in my new bedroom :)

Have you made any exciting new purchases lately?

House Colors

December 19, 2011

The Saturday before my current house sold I was at my new house choosing all of the options I wanted along with the color scheme for the outside of my place. There were 12 different color scheme options to choose from and I ended up going with the one below:

It's a mix of Southwestern colors and it's the same color scheme that's on the model of my home (shown below) except that my front and garage doors will be the bottom orangey-red color instead of brown.

We're scheduled to close on my current home tomorrow and once that happens we'll be one step closer to getting a build date! I'm so excited :D


December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas to me - my place has SOLD!!!

If the inspection and everything else that goes along with selling a place goes smoothly, the closing date will be December 20th and the building of my new place will happen some time after that!

The best thing to come out of the deal? I get to rent my current place back from the buyer (they bought it as an income property) meaning I don't have to look for a temporary rental or pack up and move right away :D


Pucker Up

December 2, 2011

I'm a huge fan of David Bromstad and would LOVE for him to come to my house and design a room but unfortunately I don't live in Miami and I doubt he'd travel to Tucson. Despite all that, I'm excited to get a print of David's art to hang in my new home:

[ Image via Penny Lane Publishing ]

Even though it's not an original Bromstad, it's close enough considering I've loved that particular painting since I saw it in a Color Splash episode a while back. And besides, who doesn't love a nice pair of red lips?! ;)

I'm also seriously thinking about buying this print too to pair with the lips:

[ Image via Penny Lane Publishing ]

Above the bed maybe? Or across from the bed flanking the bathroom door? I suppose I should wait until the house is actually built before I make a decision but it's fun to plan ahead :)

Santa Baby...

December 1, 2011

Mom, Todd: this post is for you! In case you're in need of a last minute gift idea for me, here's a bunch to help you out :)

[ Crystal Poster by Debbie Carlos - $47 ]

 [ Sand Art from Uncommon Goods - $85 ]

[ Shoe Closet Print by Anna See - $30 ]

[ Origami Giraffe and Rhino from Z Gallerie - Both on sale for $24.89! ;) ]

[ Monserat De Lucca Saber Tooth Skull Ring from Shopbop - $84 ]

[ 30 Lipsticks Mini Poster by Emma Kisstina - $45.57 ]

[ Chanel Mini Poster by Emma Kisstina - $45.57 ] 

[ Hermes Tray Mini Poster by Emma Kisstina - $45.57 ]

[ Marilyn Monroe Mini Poster by Emma Kisstina - $45.57 ]
Sensing a trend yet? ;)

[ Birch Tea Light Holders from Save On Crafts - $12 for the set of 3 ]

[ Draw the Line Print (11" x 16")* by Leigh Viner - $28 ]
*You'll have to convo the seller and ask for her to update the listing to an 11" x 16" print :)

Any books from this post are other options as well!

Hopefully this helps you guys out some :)

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