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Change of (Floor) Plans

January 26, 2012

My apologies for the silence around these parts lately. There's been a lot going on behind the scenes with the house (paperwork, custom options pricing, washer/dryer choices, etc.) but I still don't have a build date yet :(

I had my pre-construction meeting on the 16th, wrote some very large checks over the weekend and signed off on final paperwork yesterday so my builder should be able to apply for the building permits now and we should have a build date here soon but we'll see. Fingers crossed!

Anyway. Moving on.

Remember when I announced that I was buying a new house and I showed you the floor plans? Well the second floor's floor plan has changed from this:

to this:

And here's several reasons why...

Reason #1: in the original plan, there was an angled wall in the bedroom that drove me nuts:

I hate angled walls. Hate them. I can't explain why, there's just something about them that bothers me. I thought I could live with it but upon further visits to the model, I realized I couldn't which is pretty much the main reason I changed the plans.

Reason #2: the original plan also had this weird nook area in the bedroom that I didn't like:

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while may have realized that I like symmetry. A lot. Well this nook area and that angled wall threw all symmetrical possibilities off completely and it started to make my OCD tendencies tingle.

Reason #3: the commode area in the bathroom had this odd little triangle nook/shelf area behind where the toilet sits:

What do you do with that? Add a vase? A candle? Some toilet paper? I have no idea!

Reason #4: this is a little harder to explain but I'll try my best. There's a small window in the shower that they built this weird little shelf area beneath where the window ends so it looks something like this from the side:

Does that make more sense? It's another weird little area that I don't know what I'd do with which brings me to why I changed the plan.

The new floor plan not only eliminates all of the issues listed above but it gives me a lot of extras I was missing out with the original plan!

Extra #1: a double door entry into the master bedroom!

Extra #2: a linen closet in the master bath instead of the hallway!

Extra #3: an extra window in the master bath commode! It's small and up high on the wall so I can't see out of it and no one can see in but the natural light will be nice.

Extra #4: 3 more windows in the master bedroom! Again, these are small windows that will be high up on the wall and I won't be able to see out of them but they'll still be nice :)

Extra #5: a larger linen closet in the laundry room!

Extra #6: a walk-in closet in the guest bedroom!

If you scroll back up and look at the original floor plan, you'll see that yes, I'm going to be losing the additional sink in the guest bathroom but in the 3 years I've lived at my current place, I've had two guests stay over so this bathroom will hardly be used and one sink should be just fine.

My builder doesn't have a model of this home that has this second level floor plan so I'm excited to see how it's going to look! It'll be a big surprise come move-in day so let's hope I made the right choice by switching plans!


  1. Just found you via Pinterest and I'm in love! Lol. Great changes to the floor plan, and not sure if I just can't find it or not but I would love a look at the main floor plan as well. We are thinking of building and I need all the help I can get!

  2. Deena - Thank you for the sweet compliment! The main floor plan of our house can be seen here: http://www.desertdomicile.com/2011/11/out-with-old-in-with-new.html

    If you'd like, I can e-mail you larger photos of the plans so you can get a better idea of the room sizes. Let me know! :)


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