February 9, 2012

The Beginning

Work on my house has finally begun!!! My builder got the 100% go ahead yesterday and today the crew started setting up temporary forms on my lot:

My neighbor's house is almost done!

Once my house is built, it'll look like something like this when you're looking directly at it from the street:

And if you turn around, this will be the view from my soon-to-be front courtyard:

It'll look like this if you're standing in the backyard looking towards the street:

The covered patio is going to have wooden beams at the top complete with a ceiling fan!

My neighbor's house is almost finished so I snapped a photo of their backyard before it's fenced/walled in. Our backyards will be the same width (36 feet) but since they added a deck on the front of their house, it sits back into their yard 2 feet deeper than our house will so if you can imagine their house pushed forward 2 feet, that's where ours will end.

When we sit on our patio, we'll be staring at the side of their house (kind of like they do with their neighbor's house) but I don't mind :)

I thought they could come in tomorrow and pour the foundation but that's not the case. The next step will be for the plumber to come out and spray paint where the plumbing will be and then the backhoe will come in to dig out the trenches for plumbing. After that passes the city's inspections, then they'll be putting up the real forms for the post tension cables, etc. Then the termite treatment goes on and THEN they pour the foundation. After they pour the foundation they'll start framing the house out the next day.

The whole process should take about 10-14 days so I'm not sure if I'll have anything photo worthy until then but I'll post updates as they happen :)

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  1. I just ran across your blog a few days ago in my internet hunt to find out if an ikea bed was sturdy... but how exciting! Happy wishes for your new home. :)


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