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February 29, 2012

Our house has been framed!

They weren't supposed to start the framework until this past Monday but I received a text from my builder on Saturday that showed a picture of the framework going up (I guess they wanted to start early!) so I stopped by on Sunday to check it out and this is what it looked like after one day:

Front entry:


Garage (left), powder room (next to the wall), kitchen (right):

Powder room (left), kitchen (middle), dining room (right), living room (front):

Kitchen (left), dining room (right):

Living room window (8 feet wide!) looking into the house and covered patio:

Living room window looking out onto the backyard:

Dining room window (also 8 feet wide!) looking into the house:

Dining room window looking out onto the backyard:

Living room (left), dining room (right):

Dining room window (left), sliding glass doors (middle), living room window (right):

Sliding glass doors:

Windowless wall:

Wide view:

Garage and driveway:

Construction crew jibberish:

I went back to visit the house again last night and I plan on going to see it again tomorrow so I might have another framework post for you on Friday but if not, I'll have one posted on Monday :)


  1. How exciting! You're lucky to have a crew that starts things early instead of 2 weeks late.

  2. Yeah, I was shocked when I got the text! I wanted to drop everything I was doing at that moment so I could run over and start documenting the process haha


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