February 23, 2012

Pre-Foundation Update

Yesterday I stopped by the house to take some photos of the place before the foundation gets poured today. It was kind of fun to see everything all framed out but honestly, it's much smaller than I was expecting and I'm kind of disappointed :(

The garage (in the back of the photo) and foyer (in the front of the photo):

Walking into the living room:

In the living room looking at the kitchen:

Living room (no idea what that pipe goes to):

Covered patio that will have wooden beams and a ceiling fan:

In the backyard looking towards the street:

Dining room. So small :(

Another look at the kitchen:


Garage and future driveway:

Covered patio:

Wide view:

Front entry:

In the street looking towards the backyard:

I can't wait to see what it looks like when the foundation is poured! It's going to cure over the weekend and then they're going to start the framework on Monday! Eeeek! It's actually happening :D

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