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Accent Wall Options

March 6, 2012

Let's talk accent walls! There's a huge blank wall in the loft space that you get a little peek of when you walk in the front door:

And since I want to take more risks with my new home, I've been thinking about doing something fun with it! I was originally thinking of installing some large artwork that would fill the entire wall like so:

 [ Image via Sweet Home Style ]

[ Image via Houzz ]

But I don't know what the image would be of and that has me kind of stumped so I've been thinking about installing a pallet accent wall:

 [ Image via Bower Power ]

I REALLY want to do this but turning my brand new walls into Swiss cheese within a couple of days of moving in makes me cringe so it may be something I work myself up to doing at a later date.

I was also thinking about a couple of other "safe" options that still have a lot of impact and a bold colored wall was one of them:

[ Image via House and Home magazine ]

A stenciled wall was another:

[ Image via Sketch 42 ]

A striped wall was another:

 [ Image via Amanda Nisbet Design ]

And finally a leopard print wall:

 [ Image via DIY Lanacow ]

All of the safe options could be easily changed in a weekend and wouldn't require as much encouragement to get started haha

What do you think? What would you want your guests to see that would draw them upstairs?


  1. i like the large artwork photos at the top. may not be too out of the box but they look beautiful!

  2. Yeah the photo idea was my favorite but I don't know what the photo would be of. Help me think of something haha

  3. I like photo idea too, or a photo gallery perhaps.

  4. i love the leopard print ^.^

  5. A gallery wall is definitely an option!

    I love the leopard print too but I doubt I'd be able to paint the pattern as good as she did haha


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