March 5, 2012

Framed - Part 2

The framework on my house will be completed tomorrow! Even though I thought I'd only go and take pictures every other day last week, I ended up going every day because so much would happen in one day that I was afraid there would be a gap in the photos if I didn't go.

This is what it looked like after the second day of framework:

They've started the second story foyer framework:

Side view:

Wide view:

Back corner:

Dining room (left), living room (right):

Looking at the kitchen (left), dining room (middle), and a sliver of the living room (right):

Living room window (soon to be arched):

Dining room window (soon to be arched):

Kitchen (back), living room (front), dining room (right):

Closet under the stairs (left), door to garage (middle left), powder room (middle right), walk-in pantry (right):

Foyer windows:



Front entryway:

I'll have another framing update posted on Wednesday but I'm going to skip ahead to day 4 so I don't bore you to death :)

Can you believe how far they got in a day?! Shocking, right?

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