March 7, 2012

Framed - Part 3

At the end of day 4, our house's framework looked like this:


Side view:

Wide view:

Second story: Master bathroom (left), master bedroom (right)
First story: Living room (left), dining room (right)

The stairs are in!

Going up:

Going down:

Sexy stair curve :)

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

Framework for the master bathroom and loft:

Two guest bedrooms:

Loft lookout:

Loft (left), guest bedrooms (right):

It's looking more and more like a house everyday!


  1. It's coming along! Lovin' your rounded staircase! I'd love to build a house from scratch one day.

  2. Thanks! The staircase is one of my favorite parts too :)

    Building a house is fun but very stressful haha I'd definitely recommend doing it at some point in your life though (if you can) because you get a completely custom home made just for you. It's what I keep telling myself when the going gets tough :)


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