April 27, 2012

Fenced In

Our house's "fence" went in the other day! It's technically a block wall but saying "our house's wall went in" makes it sound like we're moving to a prison or something haha It's not 100% complete but here's what it looks like:

Back wall and backyard:

Once the scaffolding is removed and my house is painted, the wall will run all the way up to the edge of our house:

Standing on the outside of our yard in our future neighbor's lot:

Looking down our side alleyway (?) towards our front courtyard:

The start of our front courtyard's wall:

A gate will be installed in the gap where the wall ends and then the wall will run out straight for a little bit and then it'll take a 90 degree turn and end at the edge of my garage:

The view of our backyard from the master bedroom:

I have some exciting plans for the backyard as well as our side alleyway but have you priced out plants lately? Holy crap! I was shocked at how much they are! I'm hoping I can score some end of summer deals though so fingers crossed until then!

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