April 4, 2012

Safavieh Score

Over the weekend I made my usually HomeGoods run and after I browsed around for a while, I spotted this beauty:

It was love at first sight but the $399 price tag made me cringe a little. That's not bad for a hand tufted 7' 6" x 9' 6" rug but it was more than I was planning on spending and I didn't really need another rug.

I couldn't see the manufacturer's name or a style number to look up on my phone so I did a quick search for "red ikat rug" hoping that'd pull up some results I could work off of but it didn't so I took some more pictures of the rug and left the store empty handed.

I had some more running around to do but I couldn't get the rug out of my head so as soon as I got home, I dug into my ikat rug search some more. I found out that the rug is made by Safavieh and it's part of their Ikat collection designed by David Easton. I started searching for a price to see if I could find it cheaper anywhere else but I wasn't having any luck.

That's when I turned to Pinterest and searched "ikat rugs". I found a couple of pins from Gilt Home's recent flash sale of Safavieh's Ikat rugs. The sale ended a week ago so there was no mention of pricing anywhere to be found but after Google's cached feature and a mix of search terms later, I found this:

The rug was on sale for $699 during Gilt's sale but retails for $2,037.75. WHAT?!?! After I saw that, I remembered I had a gift card to HomeGoods that I hadn't used yet so I grabbed my car keys and made a beeline to the store hoping against hope that no one had purchased the rug yet. Thankfully they hadn't and I was able to take it home afterall :)

What do you think? Did I get the deal of the year or what?!


  1. Ah-mazing score! Holy smokes, regular $2,000?! Don't you just love Home Goods?

  2. I just bought a brown and bright yellow ikat rug from HomeGoods - got it for a cool $249! I love it!


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