July 17, 2012

Craigslist For The Win!

Before we moved into the new house, I had planned on using our Torsby sideboard as an entertainment center. I loved the one we had:

But when we took it apart to get our mounted TV out to safely pack it for the move, we noticed how hot it got inside the unit and worried that the heat might eventually affect our TV.

Since a new entertainment center is cheaper to replace than a TV is, we opted to figure out a new solution and decided to repurpose our old/hot box entertainment center as a storage unit in the garage instead.

When we moved in, we set everything up on the Torsby in a hurry (so our cable company could hook everything up) and then left it that way until I decided what to do. While I liked the idea of using the Torsby, I wasn't sold on it. It wasn't wide enough for the wall:

Or deep enough for our electronics and because our Blu-Ray player stuck out too far, the sliding door couldn't close making the right side unusable:

And while I thought it would look good, it just ... didn't. Side note: in our old condo, all of our furniture was white (except our couch, our settee, and a few chairs) and I LOVED it all! But in the new house? Not so much...

Knowing that I wanted something new, but also knowing that I was broke and didn't want to shell out $800 to a big box store, I turned to my dear friend Craig(slist). I had found a few pieces that I liked and even went so far as to call the seller to inquire about them but I passed on them all because I wasn't in love with them and didn't want to waste my money on a stand in piece until I found "the one."

I ended up finding "the one" on Father's Day weekend:

A vintage 1960's mid-century modern 9-drawer dresser! Swoon :)

[ Images above are from the Craigslist listing ]

I called the seller right away hoping against hope that he hadn't sold it yet. He hadn't! I said I'd take it and he ended up delivering it to me (for an extra $20) on Father's Day.

I couldn't find a name on the dresser indicating who made it but when I did a little Google searching, I came across this site's listing:

[ Image via Eames Era ]

The listing is a year old but they were selling the same dresser I got for $175 for ... wait for it ... $550! ... and it didn't even come with the attached mirror mine came with! Craigslist for the win :D

I've made significant changes to the dresser already so check back tomorrow to see what I've done!

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