July 27, 2012

Goodwill Gods

I'm pretty sure the Goodwill Gods were looking out for me on Wednesday night because guess what I found?


Can you believe it?! On Tuesday night I had finished DIYing a fake campaign style desk and then just yesterday I was complaining about how finding a vintage campaign desk on Craigslist was impossible and then BAM! Goodwill smacks me in the face with this! Sure it's not a desk, but it's a real campaign piece! I'm telling you, it was fate :)

I'm pretty sure I let out a yelp when I saw it and possibly startled some customers as I was flailing my arms around trying to get my boyfriend's attention but I couldn't believe my eyes!

The dresser is in really bad shape cosmetic wise, and it's missing one of it's "L" braces (I found the other one in the top drawer!) but the bones are good and the makeover possibilities are endless!

Missing hardware :( Hopefully I can find a decent replacement!

Dove tail drawers:


Can you see the potential or do you think I bit off more than I can chew? Check back on Monday to see what else I got!


  1. I see potential...it is fate after all! I love the bright yellow color it came with!

  2. OH. EM. GEE! Is it bad that I kind of hate you for finding this? I don't really hate you though. I'm so jealous. This is definitely a find. Congrats, girl!

  3. Crystal - I like the yellow too! I'm even debating on keeping it yellow :)

    Chelsea - Thanks! And no worries, I'd hate me too if I were you haha


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