July 25, 2012

It Dries Darker

Is what I kept telling myself as I was rolling on my first coat of Benjamin Moore's "Old Navy" paint:

I had it color matched to Valspar's Signature line of paints at Lowe's because the Ace Hardware that sells Benjamin Moore's line of paint was closed and I was too impatient to wait until the next day to get the paint. Could that be the problem? The color matching, not my impatience ;)

The swatch looked so good in my house but it looks so much different on my console table! It's looks much more dull and has a grayish, almost purple tint to it instead of navy. And it never dried darker like I was hoping it would :(

However, I was determined to make things work because I'm stubborn and too cheap to buy more paint so I tried an experiment. I grabbed a clear cup and scooped some of the blue paint out of the can:

Then I took a can of black spray paint and sprayed a few sprays of black into the cup of blue paint:

And I mixed everything together really well until the paint wasn't marbled anymore:

Once everything was mixed, I painted a small swatch on a scrap piece of wood we had lying around to see if it was the deep, dark blue I was looking for and unfortunately, I saw no change. I even tried spraying more and more black into the cup hoping I'd get it right but the color never changed!

Womp, womp :( I was hoping I'd be able to share some after photos with you tomorrow but it looks like I'm heading back to the drawing board (AKA Lowe's) to choose a new paint color. Hopefully I'll find a winner and will have some photos to share with you on Monday!

In the mean time, have you ever experienced any DIY or paint color failures before? Feel free to commiserate with me in the comments!

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