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Lions, and Bars, and Pulls, oh my!

July 23, 2012

On Friday I revealed the refinished mid-century modern dresser that I turned into an entertainment center:

I had mentioned how I liked the look of the hardware-less drawers but after looking around for some hardware for another project (details coming soon!), I stumbled upon some drawer pulls that I thought might look nice on the dresser.

Potential pull #1: A lion head ring pull from MyKnobs.com

[ Image via MyKnobs.com ]

I fell hard for a lion head door knocker a few month's back but I refuse to spend $120 for it so these little pulls would give me my lion head fix without breaking the bank. I do need 12 pulls though (2 for each drawer) and 12 lion heads may be a little much.

Potential pull #2: A beautiful brass bar pull also from MyKnobs.com
[ Image via MyKnobs.com ]

I first stumbled upon these pulls when Erica from Small Shop Studio used them in her kitchen makeover. I love their sleek silhouette and like the fact that they can be installed either horizontally or vertically. If I end up going with this option, I'd install them horizontally.

Potential pull #3: Brass ring pulls from Lee Valley

[ Image via Lee Valley ]

These pulls were my first choice but then my boyfriend mentioned that they look like nipple rings. Ugh! Now I can't get that image out of my head haha I still think they have potential though and I've seen this style of pull on older mid-century pieces and it looks really good!

Potential pull #4: Gemstone rock knobs from The Hob Knobery

[ Image via The Hob Knobery ]

I really love these. Like, really, really, I'm-going-to-add-12-to-my-shopping-cart-now love them. They're handmade and gorgeous and would add a bit more interest to the dresser than the other pulls would. However, since they're handmade, I'm not sure if I can get 12 of them and deciding on a color is proving to be difficult!

Which pulls would you choose? Should I go with a safer option or should I go with the unexpected gemstone pulls?


  1. I was lion's head all the way... until you pulled out that crystal. Tough call..

  2. Right?! Spoiler alert: I'm using the lion's head on something else so crystal pulls it is! :)

  3. The crystal is chic and unexpected. It would definitely b the edgier choice. ;)

  4. The crystal is chic and unexpected. It would definitely b the edgier choice. ;)

  5. Yeah, it's definitely different and definitely the winning choice!

  6. Crystal pulls sound good to me...haha! Okay I totally fell head over heals in love with the lion head door knocker from Joss & Main (I've seen it on there a couple times) but also wouldn't spend that kind of cash. I ended up getting a different/neat door knocker from ebay (http://29ruehouse.blogspot.com/2012/07/knock-knock.html). I do love those brass bar pulls too!

  7. I never even thought to check eBay! I love the pineapple door knocker you got so I'll have to try my luck and see if I can find anything :) Thanks for the tip!


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