July 20, 2012

Mid-Century Modern Dresser Turned Entertainment Center

A HUGE thank you goes to AKA Design for featuring my entertainment center in her August 2nd link party! Welcome new readers :D

It's the moment you've all been waiting for!

If you've been following along, you'll know that over Father's Day weekend, I bought a mid-century modern dresser off of Craigslist, sanded it down and stained it dark walnut, painted the top white and sealed the whole thing with spray lacquer. If you haven't been following along, or if you're new to my blog, those links will get you up to speed :)

After the dresser was completely sealed and cured, all we needed to do was drill some holes in the back panel so we could pull all of our electronics' cords through them:

Once the holes were drilled (we used a hole saw drill attachment), we unplugged all of the electronics that were in/on our Torsby sideboard that had been acting as our stand-in entertainment center for the past month and a half.

Then we moved everything out of the way so we could sweep the floors:

And set up our refinished mid-century modern dresser as our entertainment center:

Look at that glossy finish!

Helllllooooo beautiful!

I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to hang some art next to the cardboard deer head that's hanging above the TV. On one hand, I think a small cluster of frames on either side would look good but on the other, I kind of like having the deer as the focal point. We'll see.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to add any hardware to the drawers. The drawers have hidden pulls at the bottom which is where you grab onto them to open them but some drawers are harder than others to open this way and I'd like an easier/better option.

I do like the sleek, hardware-less look though so I'm still on the fence about adding anything.

If you're wondering, I've left the inside of the drawers plain but might add some liners later on down the road:

How about a good ol' "Before and After" comparison?:

Before (seller's picture):


Ahhh, much better! I love, love, love it! I couldn't be more thrilled with the way it turned out and I'm SO happy I decided to refinish it afterall :)

What do you think of the transformation?

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  1. Very, VERY nice! It looks so rich! I also really dig the antlers!!

  2. Thanks Amy! I got the antlers from Cardboard Safari if you're interested in getting a pair of your own :)

  3. Love it! I love all your decor items too!

  4. Fabulous job. Not a thing in the world wrong with mid-century modern in the hands of a talented person! Which you are. I'm kicking myself for letting a similar piece get away awhile back. And I'm the one who complains about all the exposed wiring in the living room.......You can bet I'll bag the next one that comes along. Thanks for the lesson!

  5. Awww, thanks for your sweet comment Marje :) Good luck finding your dresser - I'm sure it's out there somewhere!

  6. Very cool. You leave some neat animals is your projects. :)
    Good luck in the Before and After contest!

  7. What an awesome make-over! I hopped over here from your comment on YHL & your cabinet definitely looks like Mia's sister. Great styling too.

  8. Love this so much! Pinned it & am sharing it over at my place on Friday. xoxo

  9. Great job! I have the same EXACT dresser and have been going back and forth between pain and stain. I'm still on the fence but this is making it easier. By any chance do you happen to know how much the piece is actually worth? I've done some research and have found it ranging from $500-$1300. Which frankly, makes me nervous to do anything. But your refurbish looks great and keeps the feel of the original piece. I may just copy you:)

  10. Love this! Where did you get your gold bear statue??? Your other white animal statues? They are fabulous!

  11. Where did you get the dresser? I love it!


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