August 31, 2012

3rd Monthiversary

90 days. We've lived in our house 90 days! I feel like we just moved in last week! Where does time go? And can you believe it'll be September on Saturday?! WHAT?!

Anyway, all freakouts aside, let's look back on what I've accomplished during our third monthiversary! In the past 30 days, I've done the following:

•  Completed my HomeGoods Console Table Makeover

•  Replaced my drop cloth drapes with navy ones

•  DIY'd a pair of $9 string globe bar pendants

•  Spent $10 to makeover my $15 Goodwill dresser

•  Updated my living room

•  Showed you how we'd like our living room to look in the future

•  Failed at building our 8' dining room table :(

•  Went back to the dining room drawing board to show you our new plans for the room

•  DIY'd a pipe shower curtain rod after ours fell down three times

•  Got an incredible deal on a chesterfield loveseat for our loft

Whew! I can't believe I got that much done! I checked off 6 of the 9 things on my second monthiversary list which isn't bad!

I didn't get around to adding some drawer pulls to our entertainment center (I bought the crystal ones I mentioned in the post but they were wayyy too small so I returned them) or creating a dual office space for my boyfriend and I. I also didn't get a chance to update our coffee table although I mentioned several promising tables in this post.

Let's see, over the next 30 days I plan on:
  • Breathing haha I feel like I've been going a mile a minute both at home and work so some down time over the upcoming 3-day weekend will be nice :)
  • Getting our dining room put together a little more. First step, buying our table at IKEA over the weekend!
  • Finally building some floating shelves for our powder room
  • Building some more floating shelves for our laundry room
  • Starting to turn our loft into a lounge/upstairs living room area
  • Creating a dual office space for my boyfriend and I. This has to happen if I want to transform our loft into a lounge since Chester is hanging out in our loft and my desk is sitting where I'd like him to go haha
  • Adding some drapes to the windows in our dining room and living room. I'm thinking about getting some white ones to stencil a pattern on. This is a maybe project though so I can't guarantee that it'll happen :)

That's about it! It's a short list but I think my brain is already in vacation mode so I can't really think of anything to work on haha

What was your favorite third monthiversary project? What are you looking forward to seeing me do in the next 30 days?


  1. A lot of fantastic work done in a short amount of time. I must say... I am so inspired every time I visit your blog!!! Have a great long weekend!

  2. Awww, thanks Emily! I hope you enjoy your weekend too :)

  3. You have been busy! Love your style...and your work ethic :)

  4. Oh my goodness! You've made so much progress! I'm seriously jealous of your campaign dresser. Like, I kinda hate you. :)


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