August 29, 2012


Over the weekend, my mom and I went to an open house at her office where we were invited to take a tour of the airplane hangar where her company's planes are stored.

We were able to crawl into the cock pit of the planes and see their interiors but sadly, no pictures were allowed inside the planes. The open house was a lot of fun and I was finally able to tour my mom's workplace, see her office, and meet some of her co-workers! We stayed for a couple of hours and after we left, we stopped at Copenhagen to browse around.

Our Copenhagen is different than most since ours is a clearance center (AKA a giant warehouse I could spend hours in) where all of the furniture is discontinued, canceled special orders, or scratch-and-dent so nothing is full price and everything is deeply discounted – even the throw pillows and artwork! That being said, Copenhagen's furniture is pretty expensive as it is so sometimes the discounted prices are still way out of my budget (hence why I hardly ever shop there) but I happened to get lucky this time :)

You guys, meet my new love(seat), Chester:

He's being delivered today and I can't wait to see him set up in our loft! He's a Natuzzi Editions leather loveseat and was discounted for less than half of the original price.

[ Image via Natuzzi ]

The sales lady saw my mom and I checking him out so she came over and chatted us up a little bit. My mom was interested in the matching chaise (you can kind of see it in the left of the photo below) so the sales lady went and asked her boss if he could give us an additional discount on both pieces. A few minutes later she came back and whispered to us that he'd take an additional $150 off the chaise and $150 off the loveseat if we were interested. Ummm, YES!

Sold tags replaced the price tags and our delivery date/time was set up. My mom generously purchased the loveseat for me (I'll be paying her back) and I can't thank her enough!

I've wanted a chesterfield sofa forever now and while Chester is only a loveseat, he's 7 feet wide which is the length of some sofas so I'll think we'll be very happy together! And if my mom ever gets sick of her chaise lounge, she knows where to send it ;)

What's something you've purchased lately that you've always wanted? Does anyone else talk about furniture like it's your friend?


  1. Oh should come to my house and meet Savannah. She's my new antique wicker sofa that I got at my first ever auction this past Saturday. You can pop on over to the blog to read all about here. Your Mom sounds like the bomb!!

  2. Yeah, she's pretty awesome :) Off to check out Savannah!

  3. Lucky!!! I would kill for that set!!

  4. Oh my gosh that is such a great find!

  5. How did I miss this one!?!? Love the tufted style!!!

  6. love it! has your moms house been built yet?


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