August 27, 2012

Dining Room Drawing Board

After I gave up on our building our own dining room table, I started to think about other options. I visited a couple of local stores and saw some tables I liked but they were all way out of my budget at $1,500+ each. One store was having a 50% off everything sale which brought the tables down to $750 but that still seemed like too much so I passed and continued looking.

I tried searching Craigslist but 8 foot tables are hard to come by on there and my local Goodwill's stock of furniture has been low lately so they didn't have anything either. Having struck out locally, I decided to do a little online window shopping and that's where I found IKEA's Bjursta dining table:

The table isn't new but somehow I overlooked it before. It comes with two leaves and when they're in place, the table extends to seat 6-10 people. The best part? It's only $300! I like the brown option the most since it's similar to the stain I was going to use on the table we were building. I think it'll fit in with how I was originally planning on decorating the dining room so I'm excited :)

Speaking of plans, here's what I'm thinking...

1. Our DIY $9 string globe bar pendants.

2. The navy drapes that we hung above our sliding glass doors.

3. I'm planning on buying 4 of IKEA's Dalfred bar stools for our breakfast bar which will add additional seating for guests and will finally make our breakfast bar functional!

4. I'd like to hang an industrial pendant lamp above our dining room table but this one has been discontinued. I like the look of it and I've seen several DIY tutorials for similar ones but I'm still looking around for other options.

5. This massive print used to hang above the fireplace in our old condo and I've been thinking about hanging on the big blank wall in our dining room but I'm not sure. The print itself is 40" wide and with the frame, it's a little shy of 4 feet wide. The wall is 8 feet wide and the 4 foot print looks a little small, surprisingly.

6. I'd love to own a set of 6 of these tall tufted dining chairs but a set of 2 is $330 which means a set of 6 chairs is almost $1,000! Even if I had that kind of money to spend on chairs, I'm not sure if I could ever pull the trigger so until I win the lottery, I'm looking for alternative options.

7. West Elm's jute bouclé rug is my rug of choice at the moment since I think it'll hold up really well and if any food or drink is dropped/spilled on it, I think it could be cleaned up pretty easily. I could be wrong though!

8. The above mentioned IKEA Bjursta dining table in brown.

Another thought I had was to buy another one of Nate Berkus' dhurrie rugs so the living room and dining room would have matching rugs:

It would tie the rooms together for a cohesive look but is it too matchy-matchy?

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