August 16, 2012

Living Room Future Plans

Yesterday I showed you some of the small updates we've made in our living room:

The changes we made aren't groundbreaking and there's still a lot we'd like to do in the future so here's what we're thinking...

  • Additional Seating: Like I said yesterday, I'm a sucker for symmetry and I'd love to have two matching chairs flanking our entertainment center. If we can make this happen without crowding the pathway from our foyer to our living room, I'd love to buy a pair of these tufted chairs. The price isn't bad for the size and they look like they'd be incredibly comfortable and large enough to curl up in and read a book or sip a hot cup of tea :)
  • New coffee table: Our current coffee table was a Craigslist find that we got for something like $100 2 or 3 years ago but it got a little beat up when we moved and is now sporting a dent/chip on the edge and some extra scratches on the top. It's not a big deal but we'd love to find something a little more rustic/industrial to take its place for a fresh new look. Or maybe we'll just update our current one!
  • New sofa/sectional: We'd love to upgrade to a sectional but the only one within our budget right now is the Karlstad sectional from IKEA. It seems like a great couch but we had an IKEA couch before the Room & Board one we have now (we got it off Craigslist 3 years ago) and it basically fell apart after 6 months. Also, without trying to sound like a snob, we feel like we'd be downgrading if we were to buy another IKEA couch since we have such a nice, "designer" one right now. Ugh, that sounds so awful and snotty but you know what I mean, right?
  • Sofa table behind couch: We removed our previous end tables out of necessity, since they blocked the walking path between the side of our couch and our console table. We'd like to find (maybe build?) a sofa table to put behind our couch for some added surface space to put things on (like the two speakers that used to sit on the end tables - sigh, men and their surround sound systems).
  • One end table: After we removed our end tables, we were left with a large gap on the left side of the sofa:

    We don't have this gap issue on the right side (since our console table is there) so we're thinking about adding an end table back on this side (maybe a cool tree stump table?) to help it feel more balanced with the left side but ohhh, my symmetrical senses are screaming "Nooo!" right now haha
  • Art: Like all of the rooms in our house, this room needs some A-R-T! I have a lot of pieces waiting to be hung so I'm hoping we can add some soon :)
  • Curtains: I love the navy drapes we added to our sliding glass doors and I think I'd like to add some curtains in this room too. The only issue I'm having is wanting them to all match since our entire first floor is an open concept meaning the dining room (where the navy drapes are), living room, and kitchen can all be seen at the same time no matter where you're standing. Unfortunately, the navy drapes I got for the sliding glass doors have been discontinued so I'm kind of stuck on what to do...
  • A ceiling fan: I know, I know, ceiling fans are ugly and 9 times out of 10, they're the first thing that gets ripped out of a room but I live in Arizona. It's HOTTT here! And during the summer when it's 100+ degrees on a daily basis for months on end, a ceiling fan is needed to move the air around the house and to help keep my electrical bill lowwwww! There's some nicer options out there but they cost more money than I'm willing to spend so we have a floor fan for now.

I think that's it but our plans are always changing so we'll see what actually happens down the road!

Thoughts? If you could add something to the room, what would it be? Anything you'd change? Also, do you say "drapes" or "curtains"? I use both interchangeably, although I prefer saying curtains :)


  1. Haha I totally know what you mean about Ikea and no it's not snotty! LOVE tree stump tables! I'm hoping to make one, one day. I say drapes. =) People actually debate about this! I've heard from designers that "curtains" are to "drapes" what "couch" is to "sofa"... and couches are for couch potatoes. We get in trouble at school for saying couch. Haha! I don't think it's bad to have different drapes (curtains). It will help to define the different areas. Maybe try to find drapes with a bit of navy in them to tie the spaces together. Sorry, lots to say! Great post! =)

  2. Oh good haha I mean, I love IKEA for lots of things but I don't know if I want another one of their couches after the one we had broke. I have my eye on one of Z Gallerie's sectionals but the price tag is just ridiculous haha

    Good to know about the curtains/drapes, couch/sofa difference! And I think a fun patterned drape would look good with the solid navy ones. Maybe something Ikat-ish? Hmmm...

  3. I say curtains but I feel so unsophiscated when I saw it! :)

    I have that same sectional on a mood board I started for the living but feel the same way. I feel like they get slouchy looking fast but I'm not actually in the market for anytime soon. I need lots of art too and I've struggled with the same on the curtains since our dining/living rooms can be seen at the same time. I wonder if we could pull off different ones if one's colorful and the other is more neutral so it doesn't compete....

  4. I think it's looking great as is, and I love the direction you're heading. But I've got to say, my favorite part is the layered rug/cowhide! I don't think I ever would have thought of that and I LOVE it!!

  5. Crystal - Make some art! Or have your kids make you some art :) I think I'm going to try a mix of patterned and solid curtains that have the same color palette. Hopefully it'll look cohesive but I'm sure it looks better in my head haha

    Amy - Thanks Amy! The Nate Berkus rug is the one I was talking about when you mentioned wanting a Navajo-ish rug :)


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