August 15, 2012

Living Room Updates

Oh, this is embarrassing...

Not only for the fact that this post has gone live twice now (!!!) without any photos (blame it on me pre-scheduling it to post but staying up too late working on our dining room table to edit the photos for it and then never changing the schedule date haha) but ever since we moved in, our living room has looked like this (apologies for the bad lighting):

Note the off-centered couch, end tables, and coffee table:

The lack of a rug:

The speaker wire mess:

And the general "blah" of it all:

Keep in mind that we only updated our entertainment center about a month ago and prior to it's replacement, our entertainment center looked like this:

Yikes! Nothing about the room was horrible but it's definitely not how I wanted our guests to see it (first impressions are everything!) so some much needed updates were in order.

To begin, we finally rolled out the Nate Berkus dhurrie rug I bought back in December. December, people! Almost 8 months ago! After it was down, I layered a cowhide rug over it that I got at a local gem show back in January:

After the rugs were down, we removed our end tables so we could center our couch on the entertainment center (we couldn't keep them because they would interfere with the walking path by the console table once we centered our couch), then we brought our coffee table back into the room, tossed some throw pillows on the couch/chair and voila!

Here's what the room looks like now -- ready for a boat load of photos?

Guess where I'm from? :)

I love how the yellowy-gold of my Nate Berkus rug looks with my navy, gold-studded console table:

Also, this is random but I love how you can see a lot of the projects I've done so far in the photo below:


Notice anything new in the living room? :)

The gray club chair was originally in the corner/nook of our bedroom (where the newly made over campaign dresser is now) but all it ever did was hold the laundry that we needed to fold.

Since we spend more time hanging out in living room than the bedroom, I removed all of the cushions, set the chair on its side and drug it down the stairs so I could set it up in our living room to see how it looks:

I love the monster pillow my boyfriend got me last Christmas! Every room needs a little weird, right? Right :)

I like how the chair looks and the extra seating it adds but being a sucker for symmetry, it does kind of bother me that we don't have a matching to chair to add to the other side of the entertainment center (the monkey is holding a chairs place for now):

However, I'm not even sure if we can add another one just based on the fact that our staircase has a curve that leads you out of the foyer and into the living room and that's right where the chair would sit:

I think we'd have enough room but my boyfriend is worried about the area feeling cramped, which I completely understand because some spots in our old condo were cramped with furniture and we both hated making the tight squeeze.

Also, I got the chair (IKEA's Karlstad chair) in as-is section back in April (it was the display model) and they no longer make the tufted version of it so if we go the symmetrical route, we'd have to buy two new chairs and relocate the IKEA one.

After looking at these photos, I think I'd like to add an end table to the left side of the couch since there's almost a 3 foot gap that just looks weird and I think a table on the left will help balance out the console table on the right:

Speaking of additions, did you notice that I framed our cardboard deer head?

I had originally planned on flanking him with two pieces of artwork but I think I like this solution much more :)

Living room before:

Living room in progress:

So that's where we're at today! I'd say we're about 30% done since we have plans to add a sofa table behind our couch, buy a new couch (or sectional), and either update our current coffee table or buy a new coffee table buuuttt you'll have to stop by tomorrow to see our ideas :)

What do you think of the changes so far? Would you add a chair to the other side of the entertainment center? Did you count how many animals are hanging out in the room? I think I have a problem...


  1. I love the changes! I definitely noticed the frame around the deer head and love it! I also really like the chair there! You could always move it to the other side to test out if you have enough room there or not. I heart the Nate Berkus rug!!

    P.S. I've definitely hit the Publish button before I meant to so you're not the only one!

  2. Thanks, Crystal! Good point about moving the chair! It's actually pretty wide but I think if it's at an angle, it shouldn't block the path too much. Maybe we'll switch it this weekend and live with the set up for a week to see how we like it :)

    And yes, the Nate Berkus rug is one of my favorite purchases to date! It's a little scratchy but our feet are on the cowhide most of the time so we don't mind it!

  3. I got my first wool rug recently and it was definitely scratchy and took some getting use to but now it feels totally normal (I think we've had it out for almost 2 months).

  4. i love your couch. where did you find it?

  5. Thanks! It's the Klein Sofa from Room & Board but we got it off of Craigslist a few years ago.

  6. Can I ask where you got that little monster from? He's wicked! X

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. He came from Johnny Cupcakes! He's made out of a shirt of his that was sewn into a pillow.


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