August 7, 2012

Navy Drapes

Remember when I hung a pair of too-short drop cloth drapes above the sliding glass doors in my dining room?

Let's forget that ever happened because these blue beauties have taken their place:

You may have noticed a reflection of them in the mirror that I hung above my console table:

I bought them (discontinued navy IKEA Ritva curtains) off of eBay the day after I hung the drop cloths up. After they arrived, I hung them up but never got around to showing you since they were too long (118") and needed to be hemmed (105").

My mom was able to help me iron on the hemming tape that the curtains came with on Sunday and now my sliding glass doors look a little something like this:

Muuuccchhh better, right?!

PS: It's realllllyyy hard to photograph dark curtains when the light is shining through from the back so I apologize for the awful photos!


  1. It's good that you replaced the white drapes with navy blue ones because they created a contrast with the light walls both inside and out. And they complement a lot with your blue table, huh! Those are great shades for bright summer days! =)


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