August 22, 2012

New Coffee Table: Buy or DIY?

Even though I'm second guessing my plans and doubting my DIY abilities, work is still continuing on our dining room table. However, since I don't have much to show you, let's turn our attention back towards our living room.

Last week I showed you some of the small updates we made:

The changes we made aren't groundbreaking (or that impressive, to be honest haha) but we do have plans to add additional finishing touches in the future...

One of those future finishes is going to be a new coffee table. We bought our current coffee table off of Craigslist for something like $100 over two years ago. Its served us well but the edge got a little beat up during our recent move:

It's not a big deal so we may keep the table and just update it a little. I've thought about spray painting the chrome base/legs oil-rubbed bronze and then unscrewing the white top and bottom shelf so I can replace them with a DIY reclaimed wooden top/shelf but I'm not 100% on board with the idea.

It'd be a cheap and easy fix, don't get me wrong, but I've never really liked how close the shelf is to the bottom of the tabletop and honestly, I think I'd just like something new and a little more rustic looking. That being said, I did a little internet window shopping and here's what I found:

Coffee Table #1
Better Homes and Gardens Rustic Country Coffee Table

[ Image via Walmart ]

I really like the look of this coffee table and all of it's little details like the casters it sits on, the "X" braces on the side, and the low shelf. The $105 price tag isn't bad either! The only thing I don't like about it is that the wood top/shelf isn't made of real wood and people have complained that the finish peels right off. I suppose I could buy my own wood, stain it, cut it to fit and use it instead? Hmmm...

Coffee Table #2
Home Decorator's Collection Holbrook Coffee Table

[ Image via Home Decorator's ]

This coffee table makes my heart pitter patter but its $303 on sale price tag makes it momentarily stop beating. I'm sure it's made from very high quality materials but $300+ just seems like a lot of money to spend on a table I'm probably going to put my feet up on haha If I knew how to weld, I could see a DIY project in my future...

Coffee Table #3
World Market's Aiden Coffee Table

[ Image via World Market ]

This coffee table is similar to the Better Homes and Gardens one above but it's missing the "X" braces on the sides and the little corner details on the top, which I think are a nice touch. It also costs $125 more at $230 (on sale) but I'm sure it's made better and I wouldn't have to DIY my own top or shelf.

There's always this DIY option too:
Rustic X Coffee Table

[ Image via The Friendly Home ]

It doesn't have casters but it's similar to the tables above and I'm sure it'd cost less than them too. Building my own table also means I can customize the size and add all of the details I'd like so I'm kind of thinking about it.

If you were choosing my new coffee table, which one would you pick? Would you buy or DIY?


  1. I really like the last one for rustic but if you also like the wheels you could just make the legs shorter and add castors. We screw up every DIY build that we do yet we still do them! You can do it!!!

  2. I love the one from Walmart but not loving the laminate wood top... You should totally DIY. I've built a bar cart and a TV console using pine wood and steel pipes from Home Depot for a really cool industrial look. It's a perfect little DIY project and easy too! It does add up but it's worth it because you can customize it AND say that you made it!! Good luck! You can do it!

  3. wanderfull......much beautiful
    So no matter what your style or taste, there are pick up coffee tables to match it.

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