August 10, 2012

Weekend Warrior Projects

Happy 200th post to me! Man, I talk a lot haha Thank you to everyone who's ever read or commented on a post of mine! Here's to (at least) 200 more! :)

This weekend I plan on doing the following:

1. Updating our living room

We finally laid down the Nate Berkus rug I bought back in December (!!!) and layered a cowhide rug I bought at a Gem Show (back in January...) on top of it but that's about all we've done haha Judging by how long it's taken us to finally put the rugs down, you may not see much more of the room until April ;)

2. Continuing to work on our dining room table

We finished building the top of the table last night but it's sooo heavy that we can't even lift it off the ground! We also need to by some more hardware to help brace the two top edge pieces so they don't bend/bow as much.

I'm hoping we can cut and assemble the legs tonight so we can start sanding everything down on Saturday morning/afternoon and prep it for staining. I'll be a happy camper if we can start staining the table Saturday night/Sunday morning :)

3. Finally starting to makeover my $15 campaign dresser

I've removed all of the hardware and have given the entire dresser a good cleaning but that's as far as I've gotten. I'd like to Brasso the hardware, fill all of the dings and dents with wood filler, and sand everything down (might as well sand it when I'm sanding the dining table!) by Saturday afternoon so I can start priming/painting that evening but we'll see what happens! I'm still trying to hunt down the missing piece of hardware along with a new leg so hopefully I can find something soon.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Any furniture building/makeovers on deck?


  1. cannot wait to see what you do with the campaign dresser! if the weather holds up, i'll be painting two porches and a front door this weekend. Blech!

  2. Ooh that campaign dresser looks like a stunner in the making! You're making me *NEED* a cowhide rug even more than I already do. :)

  3. Emily - On one hand I hope the weather holds up for you so you can paint everything but on the other hand, I hope it doesn't since you don't seem too excited about the project haha Good luck if it does though!

    Kelly - Can you believe the dresser was only $15?! Insanity! And you should get a cowhide! I never thought I'd own one but now that I do, I want to add one to every room haha

  4. Happy 200th post! Was it a productive weekend? Other than this super cool wicker chair that I picked up at the Restore, it was a fairly unproductive weekend. Oh well!

  5. Thanks Crystal! It was pretty productive! I got 2 out of the 3 things on my list done so I'm happy about that :) I'm excited to see your chair!


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