September 28, 2012

Another Month Bites The Dust

And another month gone, and another month gone – another month bites the dust!

Oh hey, welcome to our 4th monthiversary! For those of you that are new here (maybe visiting from House of Hepworths?) and are wondering what a "Monthiversary" is, allow me to explain! At the end of each month, I recap what I've done around our new house to celebrate the progress we've made on transforming our house into a home!

Sunday will mark our 120th day of living in our new house (WHAT?!) and in the month of September, I did the following:

• Made some progress on turning our loft into an upstairs lounge/living room

• Asked you what you'd do with the blank wall in our loft

Bought the domain name for my blog

Painted said blank loft wall navy

• Rounded up a few rugs options for our loft

• Hung a pair of gray linen drapes in our loft

• Announced my collaboration with Guroom

• Swooned after Ballard Designs' Bellesol mirror

• Scored a vintage Syroco Federal Mirror

• DIY'd a pair of $15 chunky wooden floating shelves for our powder room

• Decided between two paint colors for our powder room

• Introduced you to our "look for less" powder room light fixture

Not bad! I checked 3 out of 7 things off my original list, which admittedly isn't great, but I did add an additional 4 things to it so I think it evens itself out in the end!

In the next 30 days I plan on doing the following:
  • Revealing our newly painted powder room (on Monday!)
  • Finding a new mirror for our powder room
  • Adding an accent wall behind the mirror/sink in the powder room -- Maybe, that dang pedestal sink has so many curves to work around so I don't know if this will happen
  • Possibly replacing our pedestal sink with a vanity sink so we can make said accent wall happen
  • DIY'ing a sofa table to put behind Chester
  • Finding some replacement bar pendants after our DIY'd $9 string globe pendants bit the big one :(
  • Painting our laundry room
  • Adding some floating shelves or some cabinetry above our washer and dryer in the laundry room
  • Sprucing up our front porch to make it a little more inviting for guests since the holidays are right around the corner and I'm hoping we'll have some stop by
  • Speaking of holidays, I should probably decorate for Halloween since it's my boyfriend's birthday and I'd like to host a Halloween/birthday party
  • Making the 2 hour trek up to IKEA -- I've been talking about going for months now so I think it's time I carve out a day and just go already!
  • Seeing Awolnation and Imagine Dragons live in concert -- Sure it's not house related but I'm so excited for the show so it had to be added to "the list"!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to check everything off that list but I'm going to try!

What was your favorite fourth monthiversary project? What are you looking forward to seeing me do in the next 30 days? Does anyone else have Queen's song stuck in their heads? You're welcome :)

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  1. You've made a ton of awesome progress! I'm really enjoying watching your builder basic house transform.

    My favorite is a toss up between the blue wall in the loft (love the sofa too) and the chunky shelves in the power room.

  2. September's not over yet - There's still time Caitlin! Just kidding...congrats on the feature! The styling on those shelves are definitely the best! A little Bohemian Rhapsody in the car after work sounds nicccce.

  3. Brandi - Glad you like what you're seeing! Those are my two favorites from the month too!

    Crystal - Haha, I know! I really wanted to have the painted powder room post done for today buuuttt I have to repaint (the navy was wayyy too dark) so this post went up in it's place!

  4. Wow, you got a lot done. Looks great!
    I have been eyeing up the same Lowes light fixture already too, but not for my powder room.
    Love the mirror on the navy wall!

  5. Stumbled upon your blog from Centsational Girl. It is fun to see a blog with an Arizona home. Don't head up to the Ikea in PHX yet...they are doing major renovations to the marketplace and it is a disaster. Probably only have about 20% of the items still available- wait until November when the reno is complete.

  6. Thanks Julia!

    Thanks for the heads up Elizabeth! I had planned on going next weekend but I'll skip the trip now and wait until November :)


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