September 17, 2012

Bellesol Beauty

Two weeks ago I asked for your opinions on what you'd do with the large blank wall in my loft. I got a lot of feedback but I don't know if I ever shared my final decision with you!

If you recall, I ended up painting it navy:

I LOVE the wall as-is but it's a little plain so I'm planning on adding a mixed collection of mirrors that will add some interest and bounce some light around the room to make it feel larger.

[ Image via Apartment Therapy ]

One of the mirrors I'd love to add to the collection is the Bellesol mirror from Ballard Designs:

[ Image via Ballard Designs ]

It's a little pricey at $169 but I love the gold frame around the edges and the slight antiqued glass effect on the mirror itself. I'm eyeing the medium size - which is actually pretty large at 31 1/2" in diameter - and am hoping it goes on sale soon!

By the way, happy Monday! :)

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  1. Please tell me where you got the white framed mirrors?
    Nice work!


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